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Grinding Wheels

American-made grinding wheels are long-lasting, and our assortment will meet all of your sharpening needs.

GW678 – White. This multi-grit wheel is a blend of 60,70 and 80 grit to provide the perfect finish. It runs at 4400 rpm and lasts three times longer than the average wheel. Good for the novice sharpener. Available in Single, 6-pack, and 12-pack.

GWR80 – Ruby.  8″, 80 grit aluminum oxide creates a smooth polish finish. Bit more robust than the white wheel.  Available as single or 6-pack.

GWB80 – Blue.  8″, 80 grit wheel has ceramic aluminum oxide added for extra durability and creates a smooth finish. Double life. Heavy grinding application only.  Available as single or 6-pack.

GWR60 – Ruby. 6″ thick wheel removes nicks and abrasions. Single.

GWDISH – Ruby. Concave beveled cross-grind wheel. Single.

GWY80 – Yellow.  8″, 80 grit ceramic aluminum oxide “quantum” grain. A bit more flexible than the blue wheel, longer life.  Low to medium duty grinding.  8″ x 5/16 (thick) x 1 1/4″.  Single.

GWD – Standard diamond dresser. Single.