Custom BladeGards™

Our 2-piece Custom BladeGards™ are longer with a wider channel and universal tip. They can accommodate very large figure skates with professional style blades or be cut to fit small skates. Our universal tip fits perfectly on hockey skates as well, making...

Low Bounce Street Hockey Balls

High-density, low-bouncing hockey balls, color-coded per outdoor temperatures. Yellow – Below 30°F, Pink – 30° to 60°F, Orange – 60° to 70°F, Red – Above 75°F Item Codes: LBYBALL, LBPBALL, LBOBALL, LBRDBALL (All available in retail bags)

Ventilated Skull Cap

Our lightweight skull cap has a ventilated crown allowing heat to transfer from the body. It fits snugly but comfortably beneath a helmet or can be worn alone. Black and Pink. One size fits all SKCAP

Chin Straps with Buckles

Item Codes: CHIN12: Bag of 12 (single 17″ strap with two 5/8″ buckles, black or white) ICHIN: Retail Bag (black, white, skull) SLING12: Bag of 12 (Three-piece kit includes looped strap, 2” cheek loop, one buckle) ISLING: Retail Bag (black, pink, navy,...

Number Decals

Each decal set contains twenty-six 2” self-adhesive numbers, eight #1 and two each of #0-9. Colors: Royal, Yellow, Black, Red, Pink, White Item Code: NDC


Easy custom fit in 35 seconds, adjustable helmet strap, anatomically comfortable. Colors: Black, Clear, Gold, Green, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Red, Royal MG – Senior JMG – Junior

Figure BladeGards™

A&R Figure BladeGards™ feature drain holes allowing moisture to vent and a flexible attachment to accommodate all size skates. Colors: Berry, Black, Gold, Lavender, Lilac, Mint, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Peach, Pink, Purple, Royal, Teal, White Item Code: FG Additional...


A&R TuffTerrys™ are the premier terry cloth blade covers on the market. Reinforced with durable polypropylene on the bottom both inside and outside, they offer a greater degree of protection from sharp blades while wicking away moisture to help keep them rust...

USA Hockey Laces Waxed

Triple-Striker Lace Design with durable yarn construction to withstand countless hours on the ice (case pack of 12). Molded tips and are made with 100% pure liquid paraffin wax. Colors: Black, White, Pink, Silver, Yellow (select other colors available). All colors available...

Figure Laces

Figure Laces available in white, black & pink (case pack of three). Sizes: 63″ (only available in white), 72″, 81″, 90″, 100″, 108″, 112″, 120″ Pink only available in 81″ & 100″ Item Code: 9094