Helmet Repair Kit

Helmet Repair Kit

HRKIT – Helmet Repair Kit comes complete with a Phillips head screwdriver, two each Jclip, Dome, Helmet Buckle, Long, Steel Clip, and four each Short Screw and Short Back Nut in a mini-toolbox with a secure locking mechanism.

Helmet & Skate Hardware

DOME – Dome Screw FEMALE – Female Blade Runner Nut HB – Helmet Buckles 5/8″. Available in White or Black. JCLIP – Straight, Plastic LONG – Long Screw MALE – Male Blade Rubber Screw SBACK – Short Back Nut SCLIP – Steel...


Our JohnnyGard™ performs on three levels by combining traditional athletic supporter protection with wide Velcro® sock tabs in one compression short. Our high-quality spandex is a heavy-weight fabric that offers increased support and helps reduce muscle fatigue. We have included our premium...


Our female compression short JennyGard™ is made of high-quality, heavy-weight spandex and wide Velcro® sock tabs. Our pelvic protector is included, providing maximum comfort and support. JENYL 22” – 24” JENAS 26 – 30” JENAM 30” – 34” JENAL 34” – 38”